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Wake up at the normal hours

Every day,

Every morning

Finding oneself drowning in the same routine

Every day,

Every afternoon


Every day,

Every night one dreams of changing the world

Finding a purpose,

Making a difference

One day though

Every dream will come true



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Formidable Love

After a heartbreak you never thought would surpass 

After definitively stating you would never allow yourself to be in a position of vulnerability again 

After truly giving up on the idea of love 

Letting a person in again is terrifying 


Allowing someone the capability to destroy you further

But trusting them not to

Delegating your feelings, sharing your secrets and ultimate...

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A Life's Wish

May you wake today
To see light of day
To hear nightingale
When you're feeling stale

May you rise
With sunrise
And seize the day
Without dismay

May you awaken
Feeling unshaken
And start a smile
For a long while

May you forever love
And feel being loved
May you follow your inner wisdom
And be guided to only success

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A Life's Purpose

What if...
To live a breath

And to die...
Without a sigh

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A Life's Existence

When I awaken
From drunken stupor
And see morning light
Whispering new sight

When in morning's slumber
I struggle in wander
No longer in thunder
And yet I still blunder

When in afternoon delight
My popsicle now melting
My sole fear surmounting
My love life now cradling

When in the grasp
Of the blue moon
The cocaine's high
Becomes a lie

When in the depths
Of profound sleep

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The light at the end of the never-ending tunnel.    

The worlds way of fueling us with counterfeit hope. 

The missing pieces of the saddest ever puzzle.      

The forgotten punchline of a humorless joke.        

The untied shoelace that causes a slip and stumble. 

The handful of cheap whiskey and the line of coke.  

The meaningful words hidden deep inside a mumble. ...

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A Message of Hope

               A Message of Hope

This is a message of hope, of peace, of justice

Of the pieces of me that are not taken

Not trapped, Not tapped of sourceful energy. 

And the resources of friendship and kindness and love

Of the part of me that is alive and breathing and being. 

With Nature and trees and sun

With butterflies and hummingbirds and eyes open

Watching the glow of...

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Was it all real, 

what was said in the night?

Words sound different in the morning. 

But isnt the Romantic the one who knows right? 

He is the one who sees clearly 

that other world moving through us. 

Believe the heights, believe the depths;

it is the banality of the middle ground that lies, 

not the joy of the morning or the pain of the night. 

I must cling to what is ...

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callingChristan poetryChristiansouldepthsheightssadnessdarknesshope


I see you there

Invisible, but still I stare

Ever smiling at me

Happy just to be


My mind plays tricks

As my emotions mix

Heartbroken but relentless

Chaos then calmness


Ever fighting for peace

Your memory will not cease

Until you are transformed

We will have to resist the storm


Your love gives us hope

As we walk along a tightrope

Learning to ...

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I Can't

All is peaceful and still and then, in the back of my mind

It begins.


It travels like a wave, slipping silent over my head and

Around my heart where it stays and waits.


But for what does it wait and for how long will its

Patience last before it leaves me for good?


In spite of these uncertainties and my fear of its leaving again,

I still welcome its coming.



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lovelove losthopelove poetryfeelingssadnesssorrowpassion


Farewell seems much too painful

Body's weary, alike soul

Craving warmth of no other

Bringing hope into the crawl


Losing ground beneath thy knees

Gravel puncturing through skin

Warm hands become colder

Hope is wearing thin

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I was standing in line
at check-in
at the bakers
queuing for the morning bus
for water              
in the hope of a job

I was buying flowers for my love
drinking coffee
smoking a cigarette
wondering where the next meal
would come from

I was going to tell the boss to stick it
smiling at the memory of you
feeling the sun on my face
wishing blessings on the day


the bomb...

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Pink Lilly

Crisp and swift the north wind blows
Leaving only a note before she left long ago
He cried for days and had no words to explain
Spoke to mother.

Crisp and swift the north wind blows
Spring came, mom called saying this might be silly 
Son, I need your help to plant these bulbs; he mutters really? 
Planting bulbs with his mother

Warm and sweet the south wind blows 
He first glanced upon...

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Faces are dull, lamps are lit, 
The room is black and I am alone, 
Dreaming something but reality is different, 
I don't know what's going to happen 

I didn't know what will I do 
Stand upon the stool
Or see in a mirror like a fool, 
But I said to myself, 'I have to be cool'

Nothing seems to be different, 
As I follow the same me, 
I have no difference nor glee in me.

Everyone has...

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A Whisper from the Moon


         Resounding across oceans
            Hovering amongst clouds
         Like a whisper from the moon
                 I heard your words
                   And I thank you
                        From the
                      Deepness of

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Homes deserted

Destroyed by power and prejudice

The blood encrusted brick and concrete dust,

The remains of living, of hope

A memory now

Replaced by pain and hunger

While legs worn and weary,

On shoes broken by endless footsteps

Camp in a pulverized arena


The donated blanket,

The small gifts of living, a hope

A future, I wander, I wander


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