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A Message of Hope

               A Message of Hope

This is a message of hope, of peace, of justice

Of the pieces of me that are not taken

Not trapped, Not tapped of sourceful energy. 

And the resources of friendship and kindness and love

Of the part of me that is alive and breathing and being. 

With Nature and trees and sun

With butterflies and hummingbirds and eyes open

Watching the glow of the setting sol

And rising with the stars and heavens and cosmos

And you, and me. 

And 'All that is, and all that was, and all that ever will be' said Carl Sagan. 

In lasting, timeless peace. 

In the hope of the morning dew touching flowers

Finding nourishment for bees and honeydances

For children singing and playing

For a new day, a new dream, a new era. 

Where love and hope and peace rain

Washing yesterdays sorrow and anger and sickness

Cleansing earth and blooming green hills

With mountains joining chants

And beckening new adventures, new journeyes

For those brave enough to climb

Up out of the shadowy valley into

The closest reach of our neighboring star. 

The soul of our earth 

Reaching out to her with two feet standing

Like roots of an Oaktree feeling the strength 

of Soil, of Soul, between toes. 

And branches of possibiliity of intertwining mingling paths

Providing Home and shelter to all who seek

Her protection and grace from the afternoon heat

With cool brooks and streams gently smoothing

The sharp rocks that once pierced bare feet

Now sooth sore legs after running miles and miles

Towards a destiny of unity

Towards something far greater than any one

Towards earth and stars and intermixing of energy

And free spirits dancing and celebrating

A new era of Mother earth

And justice, and hope, and Love. 



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Julian (Admin)

Tue 11th Oct 2016 09:38

wonderful sentiments, Corey, well expressed.?

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