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Running up Moonbeams

Running up Moonbeams


Between life and death is a magical space

Where dreams are born, for you to chase

Some begin early and are dashed too soon

Others elusive, like the beams of the moon


Every once in a while as your path you traverse

From swaddled in a cot, to laid out in a hearse

Two souls will converge in a blending of time

As two become one, and in silent mime


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Close your eyes

Close your weary eyes my love
Forget about your bad day
Dream away in our bed
To a far away place.

I'll kiss your soft lips
Brush your hair
And make you feel like a kid again.

Something stole the light from your smile
The fire that used to burn in your heart
The sweet glow about you
But now it's gone.

What happened to it
Where did it disappear to
Is it gone for good?

I'll do anything...

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deathdreamslost loved one

Death of a loved one.

entry picture

On a cold chilly night
I sat and watched
my one true love
slowly die.

Then falling from the sky
was the first snow fall
just right before
she took her last breath.
She then whispered
her last goodbye
and kissed me once more.

Not a second later
her body went cold,
no heart beat was heard,
and no more life inside her.

The angels have took her
to a better place
where she was gi...

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