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Sunny 8


Sunny 8

Damn yankee Mustang gonna be a real bastard and blow some Krauts outa the fucking sky. Try and stop me mother fuckers! 50cal gunning you down, got many of your kindred by my shells. Always escape with my life. No 109 or 190 ever came close to nailing me.

I'm not called Chuck Yeager! Hell no! I was in Zemke's Wolf Pack.

I died in a field near Crewe, England. No Nazi eve...

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boom boom goes the luftwaffeme109p51fw190crash





Hurricane fighter plane dives through clouds towards the ground,

he goes down through the thick grey murk, no one can see him or knows

where he is going.

His wingmen landed some time ago and still there is no trace of him.

Is he gone, his plane so many smashed pieces of metal or burnt ash?

The dogfight was fast and swift with many planes turning and r...

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