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Queen Enough For You


Queen enough for you
Not quite an era , an epoch
All one in decades
Age ridden monument
Of kings and a line of kings
God gave them  their stone
Castle fast tombs
Where they  are grinning like lords
Red white and blue
White rose
White cockade
Not part of me
Past and emotionalated
Rigid biped moving at diagonals

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jubilee partymonarchyrepublic


Two ladies, late eighties: one flicking

the pages of Majesty magazine

to pass the time, but still a believer;

the other preparing to sail down

the Thames in a royal barge. 


Yachts, palaces, castles, state visits,

breakfast cereal in Tupperware cartons.

Happy holidays in the Isles of Scilly,

bereavement, confusion, incontinence.


One paid her care home fees by se...

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