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Drugs to death

Pills and powders flying around the streets, each dealer adding their own unique twist to create a bigger batch of what they call a treat. A lads night out, a festival gone wrong, it doesn’t take much for you not to be so strong. “I know my limit” they say, but the pill that you pop may lead you astray, all that you’ve worked for, all who you love, gone in a flash over a dodgy bag of drugs. Laying...

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My heart beats fast for you

My heart aches for you

My heart glows warm whenever I think of you

It fills my brain and soul like a drug

The best drug of all

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How to make speed


For this experiment you will need… Regular table salt, household ammonia with a high percentage of commercial nitrogen, one pint of methanol, talcum powder, muriatic acid, Vicks Nasal Inhalers, and a well ventilated room. Do not be fooled into thinking that this method is 100% safe, as it will probably kill you…


Take your scissors to your nasal spray,

Pray for a lazy day,


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