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keith jeffries on Post Diary Blues
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Stephen Gospage on Doctors
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The best I never had

In a world of tv clichés

I thought our series would be timeless,

that it would survive the seasons.


I laugh as I remember

How I Met Your Mother.

Confused on an interstate car park,

cellphones and calamity.

Only to feel underwhelmed.


You said “it's not just the jetlag”,

I said “how can anyone fall in love with a zombie?”

eating hearts fo...

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Beholder's Eyes

Take a look into my eyes,
And maybe we will find
that between you and me
It's the way that love should be.

She told me I had beautiful eyes
her heart said friends
and her mouth did too...
and my mind's confused now I'm not with you.

See I can be the best friend that I have been for years
or I can be the guy that can hold you near.
But I can't be this.

You s...

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eyeslovefriendshipconfusionspiritual bondconnectivityintimacyknowledgetruthhopehonestyawarenessresponsibilitystrengthpatience

White Band

I wear it on my arm as a symbol of our love,
I admired it and you gave away a part of you to me.
Your style, your flair, your elegance
bounces against veins pumping blood to my metaphorical heart, always.

A symbol of healing, of patching things up...
a bandaid of the heart, the soul...
...of us.

I will be your white band,
I will soak away all that pain, that hurt, t...

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loveRomancefriendshipcomic booksgeekery

Hasta Mañana



A home-made tattoo wrapped up in a scroll

(not of honey and milk, but indian ink)

saw 50 summers, but winters no more.

A cooling board smoothes away pain.

An epithet formerly scrawled upon walls;

a roughly-inked alias on a right wrist

provided the title required to assist in

identification of you.


I will search for your words in your final abode...

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You arrive

in a flurry of bags and boxes.

We take a glass of wine,

walk across the field

so you can see the sea.

Through your eyes

I see everything


Thank you.



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For a Friend



This is the beginning,

the birth;

in fast/slow motion,

the start of your new amour.

A loving for your all;

devotion, just for you.


In the day before today,

in the day after tomorrow,

in the core of all your sorrow,

my mind will walk with yours.


In the light of your depth,

in the face of your strength,

in the reach of your k...

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Today Dave Dunn is sixty.

Sixty is not so little,

Sixty is not so much.

Sixty is the golden age.

Dave is on his highest stage.

At sixty a road to wisdom is open,

So, without any moping

I wish you to go only frontwise.

Never to fall!

But if it happens,

Have enough strength to rise

And go on your life way

Without any delay.


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one life

love is forever

so is life

one feeds the other

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Winter Friendships


So many winter friendships
save but a few
thaw with the sparkle of spring.


Could this be brought on by S.A.D.? Perhaps...

WIth a bit of trepidtion I am posting this micropoem.

Hope you like :-)


Please make your response or comment on my profile page. Thank you.

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Song in the Starry Sky



Sing, through the flowing tears,
And laugh though it aches,
ask again for love in rejection's face
into the sun's first brilliant rays

Peer into that song and hear its heart
take along these raindrops' prisms
let them glow in the dark of night
its tune your comfort and companion

Hold your friend deep within your soul,
journey into th...

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Rain in the Summertime



Raindrops trickle on the forest's brow
Forming transparent puddles,
That reflect your querying face
And catches the dream of a moment.

Storm cells brew on the radar,
Fearful in their presence as they pass
Life on the brink of forever's portals
Until thunder morphs into cuddles .

In the streams your form takes shape,
Eyes that gaze with hope and love

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