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Earth Child

The days lasting rays bleed into the cold grip of night. Moon pregnant and full. The wheel ever spinning changing from Samhain into Yule. My path is ever changing. Neither black nor white. Rules mother earth bestowed to me, gracefully I accept her. Wild and wondrous, I am one with the wild beast. Every herb,berry, and leaf harvested I soothe and heal. Wild flower,woman of medicine, child of the ...

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I know myself hanging there,
on that windy tree,
whose roots are unknown,
a sacrifice of myself to myself,
Wounded by my spear Gungnir,
for nine long nights and days I hung,
No food nor drink was brought to me,
Sinking into death they appeared,
Reaching out with a scream,
I grasped the runes,
and sunk from the tree,
with a sigh.

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Norse MythologyPaganismOdinSacrificeRunesYggdrasilKnowledge.

There is no god

There is no god,

But One,

One Sea,

One Rock,

One Land,

One Tree

One Sun,

There is no god

But we



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