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unwanted wants

to get what one wants


and find one does not want it.


Life's Chinese whispers

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Standing barefoot the

Cold cuts in upon my soul .

Winter takes my heart




I stood there barefoot

Cold cut in upon my soul

Winter took my heart

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A few short short poems (1)

 NB. I am rubbish at counting dashes with Haiku’s, so these maybe are Haiku’s
        or maybe just short short poems. 

 Enjoy Andy N

(New Website –
Lost in thought
I almost don’t see you
Say a nervous hello.
Even the wind-mills looked
Alone when the rain stopped
That morning.

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haikushort poetry

Mr. Cameron

Government announced

They’re cutting jobs, increasing

Our unemployment.

Folks on benefits

Must go on out and get jobs.

What jobs exactly?

In pain or work-shy,

Who will want to employ them?

When there’s so much choice?

Wonder what planet

Our prime minister is on,

It sure ain’t this one!  

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Anniversary Haiku

This is my first experiment with haiku - it was a bit clumsy so thanks to Winston for his comment :)



Her scars are itching

The anniversary looms

No celebration



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Halloween haiku

Of course the dead walk

They stroll through realms of splendour

Why bother with here?

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Haikus on various themes written for Bank Street Writers 6th October 2010

Haikus on various themes written for Bank Street Writers 6th October 2010


Playground puddles splashed

into a million jewels

by our royalty



Wooden rulers slap

good children into heaven:

I won’t toe the line



Some crocodile tears

through town on a sunny day:

it’s full of children!



Teacher read to us

Black Bea...

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HaikuBank Street Writers

Mr. Wisdom


He played many instruments,

Sang, danced and acted.

In spite of all this,

He was much better known as

A comedian.

He reached ninety-five,

We still have his slapstick films,

Rest in peace, Norman.

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To make a pancake

Take egg, flour, milk and water.

Life, life, life and life

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Searching for centre

Looking for the inner ring

Failing and weeping

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Science Fiction

Science fiction lies

that we can escape the cage.

Good films, though, great dreams

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Pandora haiku

She opened her box

The world filled it with itself

Ready for next time

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haikuPandora's Box

A short study

studying her quiet face asleep,
i can only guess how
far she has travelled.
NB. I think this is a haiku but as I am rubbish at counting the whatever's for it, I
am just gonna call this a short poem.

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short poemhaiku


       No words can express

the grace into bronze caressed

        by a master's hand


The photo is of a piece by Stephen Broadbent

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The ‘Summer Haiku Almanac' workshop & walk

The ‘Summer Haiku Almanac' workshop & walk

with Alan Summers and Karen Hoy.

Alan Summers: “Haiku are poems rooted in natural history and the seasons; they make us conspirators with wildlife, as nature half-writes the haiku before we’ve even put pen to paper.”

Join The Dartmoor Sum...

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Unique Writing Residency

WRITING POETRY: the haiku way

Monday - Friday 12th - 16th April 2010

Here is a little taster of what we'll be enjoying during the residential course:

The Haiku Game: great ice-breaker and relaxed way to start the course.
Haiku: its history, techniques, how to keep a haiku journ...

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2nd Day

With thanks to Emma Robinson for her collaboration:


And on the 2nd day, there was haiku


Blank canvas is stained

Minds eye bears beautiful fruit

Artists souls remain

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A Biting of Words

world summit to bring you weapons
a big fan not just of peace
these women never die grubby
once upon a future true heroes
finding joy in the gathering
curious love splash
blood and conservation make a bright ballet
seasonal monotone delights
poetic train giving tourists new voice
hand in hand a biting of words

This piece is from the 'shreadline' series. Headlines f...

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Bach Flower Remedies : 38 Haiku

The Bach Flower Remedies : 38 Haiku (click to link)

38 haiku - one for each of the Bach Flower Remedies - now published with illustrations online by Edward Bach Organisation Research Programme.

Some of the haiku:


cherry plum

the coroner declares

impulsive suicide


the silent mull

of this way or that



a week of ...

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