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Oh, look how far I've fallen
Like Icarus with his waxed wings 
Melted by the burning desire; fell hard not soften
What does my actions do? nothing, it brings

Oh, who do I point my fingers to?
It does nothing but makes it more grim
Surrounded by shadow of guilt, no hope nor light's dim 
Thoughts are loud, i just might cut a limb

Everyday I try, everyday I submit
I speak good deeds yet ...

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i sat under an arabian jasmin tree
with a leaf on my mouth and a fire on my fingertips
it has been a long time since i've done something i once loved
i became somewhat aggressive, yet i dont hold no grudge

fallen too deep into becoming what i needed to be
takes time, takes hardwork, and takes responsibility
my question; will the sister of fate spins my thread?
"they are not real, you are ...

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A Restless Mind

I cannot sleep when the tears never fell when they were meant too.

I cannot sleep when someone I thought I knew never spoke another word to me.

I cannot sleep when all of the voices from past influences are telling me not to waste my potential, my talent.

I cannot sleep.

Knowing i’ve been hurt.

Knowing i’ve hurt people.

Knowing time is passing while I rest my eyes.


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short poem

: After :

The only thing that is left,

                        After people die.

Is an essence all bereft,

                        Of every earthly lie.

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Short Poems About Life

Slug – Free Verse Poem

That slippery slime,

That crawls out of damp places,

In the sorrowful night,

It wishes to find a home,

A home of vegetables is like a dream,

If it was a dream like no wonder any slug likes one,

When they crawl out in the day light,

In the garden full of vegetables,

Their dream becomes one.

Sarah Shahzad, November 2019 Short Poems About Life


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The Deceiver

after the end

before the beginning....

underneath the lies

over the pain....

with the belief

against the fact....

behind the mask

opening the veils....

in-between time

and eternity....

our sun drops the shadows of the words;

penned down by prophets and poets!

saints and leaders!


and singing with the chorus....

flowing with the chords;

when we decei...

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