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Out On The Floor

Dedicated to my parents who I saw share a dance for the first time in ages on holiday.

he said "do you love me now i can dance?"
she replied she would no longer fall for that kinda romance
he said "i can do the mashed potato and the boogaloo too"
she threaten to dump him and tell him they where through
but when he hit the floor
she felt the spark once more
and saw the smile on his face

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dancingloveshort poem


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I let you all down

               I let myself down

Now it’s time to go

               Time let my thoughts d 






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short poem

Fall and Foster

I have an ax and a hammer. 
With one hand I fall with the other I foster.
To the rise I fell.
With the fall I prosper.

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short poem


Time heals 

but I put my time 

in an ice cube 

and now global warming 

struck and the feelings 

have been let loose

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deepthoughtspoempoetrypoetsshort poem

This Morning Was A Breath

This morning was a breath,

And the burdens were weightless.

My hair bounces as I walk,

And my voice is clear when I talk.

I smiled when the camera was pointed at me.

It feels so good to just be seen.

The caress of you,

Reminds me of colorful views,

That  used to be used to.

Today I am me -

And this me is brand new.

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100 best poemsbrand newconfidentLove yourselfpoetryshort poem

International Women's Day

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Pages and pages of pink and pink
roses on dresses and slender chic drink,
All pictures pretty some might think
but none reflecting strength, and that's the thing:

Women's Day isn't all flowers and hearts
it's message shouldn't be limited before it starts,
we are more than our constituent parts
so today try to tear stereotypes apart -

Support our differences, our quirks,
you don't have...

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These Wooden Boots

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All I think of when I see these boots

is a hand full of dimes

squeaking at me through the leather

and broken soles that seem to grind

my feet to the ground


All I see is a row of wooden picture frames

and I count them, subtract them, divide them

into the hours that mark my sanity. Because I

am aware of time and can add, subtract, multiply

and divide it I breathe thro...

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human conditionpoetryshort poemwork poetryworking class

Please Don't Grow Up

We all couldn't wait

To grow up, to get out

To fully understand

What the world was about

Only to find

On the other side

The beauty we saw

As a child, had died

The day turned to night

The blue turned to gray

The innocence of life

Had faded away.

So many dreams

Now seem cast down

Remember when difficult

Meant choosing marker or crayon?

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experiencegrowing olderlifelovepoempoetryshort poem


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She'll take them back

The stones cut carefully and stacked against her

Her winds find ways through the cracks

She'll take them back 

All content property of Chandra Mossine

*This original poem was published by the Columbia Art League in their 2014 Interpretations collection

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chandra mossineentropynaturepoempoetryproseshort formshort poem





What use is a cage

that's become afraid


of its own trappings -

its mirror, its bell its swing?


What use is an opening 

that doesn't stay open?


What use is a perch

that doesn't stay still?


No use thinking things

will change


should a bird fly in

and make itself at home.


What use is a co...

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short poem




What a night 

changed my whole perspective 

tiny square piece of paper

dissolves on my tongue 

hours of deep thought 

time filled with colors and laughter 

the world is big 



I’m just a kid 

someday I’ll have to wear a suit like my pop 

pay the tax man 


stand the picket line 

I just wanna get laid 

drink beer 


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acidchange for the betterpoemshort poemSocial Observations

The Calm

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Three more rain drops beat

Staccato, full stops, to leave

A promise on the wind:

The storm will soon begin again.




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short poem

Wig Shop

why oh why was in a place like this?
i surely thought someone was taking the piss
severed heads everywhere, 
some with hair all looking at me with a blank stare
and i want to say STOP!
i'll never forget my time in the wig shop..

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short poem

The One I Love- 15 word poem

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Look into

my eyes.


The sparkle

you see

in them

is my

love for you.

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lovepoemshort poem

A short study

studying her quiet face asleep,
i can only guess how
far she has travelled.
NB. I think this is a haiku but as I am rubbish at counting the whatever's for it, I
am just gonna call this a short poem.

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