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I come to again

in this hotel room dark

where paranoia eats the curtains

like a fleet of moths


the wine and whiskey in my bloodstream

laying plans with my enemy hormones,

chemical defence

to make my body

shuck my soul, leave me

just another zombi

in the low sun light of day


so inviting

this annihilation



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gender/sexualityManchesteroverwrought languagesubstance abuse

The secrets, almost silent, that we sang

It has to start in whispers,

rehearsed behind closed doors:

mirror-practised gestures,

slowly savoured words -

jacquard, damask, devore -

rolled and tasted on the tongue.

It is always sotto voce,

this song, when first it is sung,


and for some it never rises

to a higher tone and pitch.

For some, the song is silenced

by the insults, by the fists,


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