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To late she cried

Too late she cried


Sitting in Starbucks doorway

After the lights are all turned out

The demons are surly coming

I can hear them scream and shout


It is for me the sirens call

Flashing blue and white

Piercing though the darkness

Blindingly bright white


Flowing down the sidewalk

My life’s blood ebbs away

In the morning another statistic

Is all the p...

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Not all Monsters have Fangs

Children are scared of monsters,

They hide beneath their beds,

Boogie men and spiders, 

dogs and dark and snakes.


Their fears are not unfounded,

But monsters rarely crawl,

Don't have fangs or claws.

But susceptible they fall.


She stood her in the corner,

She beat her to black and blue.

She told her that she loved her;

It simply wasn't true.


She he...

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Monster cruelty abuse sadness childhood

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