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On The Border

After a pause due to computer woes, I return to the airwaves with this offering. Its predominant theme appears to be the fear of change which, for me at least, is pervasive.


On The Border

The sky's dissolved in enveloping greys,

close as blankets, cold like hotel sheets;

looking over your shoulder as dawn raises day -

you test the gloaming's disdain for lamp-lit streets.



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With the passage of days

a tunnel of time extends

to move in strange ways

from beginnings to ends


Both entry and exit

are shrouded in black

it gets dark on the journey

with no turning back


Sometimes others with light

illuminate ways

and gift us the sight

to shine through our days




though we in life’s shadows

might stumble and fal...

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Do I still have it, I know I do, Just gotta find the right release, Or is it the right beat, I keep making excuses to questions no one asks, but me, Feeling like I need to set myself free, I believe I can get myself there, Yet where do I start, Smoking weed and drinking ain't helped shit, Almost makes it harder, All I write is poems no rhymes yet, So much ambition lost down the ...

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