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Wicked Game

I lost
In the wicked game we played;
The distorted rules we make,
The empty words we say,
And the goodbyes in the end of May;

I lost
The lies of February's promise;
And the man I want to love.
Cruel honesty that got us in the beginning, and the only thing that's left for us in the end.

By June, a threat of winter's cold;
It wasn't even close to turn our hearts to stone
A teared ...

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What art thou?

With winter's persistence,

The gardens grow dead.

The struggles fill us

With heavy dread.


The snow blazes passed us

The wind howls and echoes far.

My little brother clings to blankets,

And my parents hold each other without a second thought.


Yet I sit behind a candle,

Its' warmth so yummy and good.

The harsh winter will pass us by,

And by and by 'till the...

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What am I?

I come suddenly,

My presence unexpected.

A shocking jolt,

Without reflection.


And as you look

Upon my form,

Just a mirror

Of your inner dorm.


And when your breath

Takes the air around,

A single sound

To fill the town.

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