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Psycho-babble, doggy paddle

They tell me that my sandwiches are,


a pointless phrase,


by a box designer,

image re-definer,



‘Made by hand’, would do for me.




(which means someone grafted, to learn the apprenticed skills, to do a trade,

made in centuries to perfection),


but a sarnie,

 put on bread,

by a plastic gloved,


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The hospital waiting room
was also a diner.  I drank
a chocolate milkshake with another man
while you turned the floor red. 
Flowers bloomed from your blood. 
You picked them for me,
but I forgot them on the counter.

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my superstitions are eating me whole

A  Black cat is just deciding whether to cross my path

A fairy just sprayed me with fairy dust just for a laugh

Stupid cupid just shot me in the bum and I have fallen in love with a tree!

And a dog just peed on me and the tree as well.


I went to my friend’s house and their kids put my new shoes on the table

I touched wood to break the curse but I wasn’t able

I thou...

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