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Few Could Wake Before a Raging Current

Walking to the high mountains on a side,
I am perplexed before the raging current,
I don't know where to turn or run.

The truth is that I wander the sides of a street uninhabited by man,
The pavement overflowing with failure and sadness.

Take a look over the edge,
Take a look into the abyss of this world,
So stale the crumbs of rotten food.

The way the leaves whistle the call of a mo...

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Create the World

Create the World

How does it look to go about the mountains at dawn?
To watch the sun smothering beneath a breathless sky,
And wander up and down the slopes of what were once avalanches.

It's simply a point of matter,
And fact of being,
So truly to be here with you.

And it's honesty,
The way that the waves crash into boulders

And it's friendship,
The way birds may dangle broken l...

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