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Hit and Run

It happens as quickly as it ends, a muffled slam and a splintering of cracks.

Night has fallen quickly, the dull glare of the streetlights hidden by the blinds.

I barely stir when it happens, only waking when footsteps race past my door.

“What’s happening?” I ask groggily, surveying the urgency of my parents.

My brother replies “A car crashed through our fence!”

With both excitemen...

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If Only


Miniature lilac tea-candles

in the bathroom, on the john

are symbols of the teardrops

from the bathtub, they burned on.


And that spray of ivy hanging

from the candelabra on the wall

with pictures of dark-brown oak leaves-

reflect you, & to me call.


Our Christmas tree is stripped now

without the tinsel and the balls--

lies naked by the hall door;


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Ghost Stakes

ghosts lurk around those crosses
there's a couple on Kinsman, you know
tucked in the roadside littered weeds
black craters of stolen memories
strewn with sooty plastic flowers
smeared with bygone tears
broken down old scarecrows
faded to the reckless speeders
that pass

like the one that stands
just below the dog-leg turn
off old 608 south, imagine
the anguish, the laments of loss,

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car accident




A girl.

A guy.

Become one.

She works in the bar.

He drinks in the bar.

They leave in his car.

He drives.

She's his passenger.

Down dark roads they travel.

To where?

Not their normal route.

Venturing here or there.

Tits up from here.

Something went wrong.

His car left the road.

Down an embankment.

Upside down in ...

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