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To survive... to pay bills

Working every hour God sends to pay debts

Pay taxes pay national insurance

Pay this person that person 

Home insurance ..Life insurance..

Pet insurance insurance 

To stay on the road 

To travel to work 

Fuel to fill the tank 

To get to work 

Pay the lady pay the man 

Pay pay pay 

All in place so we don't pay attention...

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How Far Sorry Goes

You'd be surprised
How far your sorry goes
It floats out through the air
To where, nobody knows.
(One moment spoken, and in another moment gone)

You'd be surprised
How far your sorry goes
So many times
It never even leaves your throat.
(And its those you've never said
That last the longest in my head)

But most of all,
You'd be surprised
How far your sorry goes
If it were meant

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Tongue Tied

The words that tell my story
To the depth it should be told
Have buried deep inside of me
And spread through flesh and bone.

I cannot catch a single thread
That isn't so firmly tied
Around my mind and lungs and heart
That if I pulled it out I'd die.

That's why forming sentences
Is ripping me apart
And as for explaining anything
Will I ever get the chance?

But just as does the lio...

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The Cause of So Many Tears

It's been some time, too many years
Since the cause of so many tears
Since a set of people and their shoddy work
Caused so much injustice and so much hurt.

And it's still unfolding, as it always would
Until I close the chapter in the way I should
And it drags me backward, and I can't move on
And it will wear me out until the job is done.

Because I love my children, and I love myself

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Imagine All The People...

They saw a snowman
And called it
The tip of an iceberg

They couldn't see the scarf or hat
Because wisdom
Makes them blind.

They saw a cup of water
And called it
A raging flood

They said it was dangerous
And they couldn't 
Change their minds.

They saw an egg-timer
And called it
A harsh desert

They claimed that it was hell on earth
Because they'd decided
What to find.


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