Cet accent

Arrivée il y a vingt-trois ans

Mais comment se fait-il 

Que vous gardez cet accent?


Cet accent, qui ne fait pas de liaison

Entre "les" et "oiseaux"

Cet accent, qui prononce "eau" comme "owe."


But do you know how to say "owe"?

And do I owe you an explanation?


Cet accent, tout le monde le comprend

Certains le trouvent charmant, voire séduisant

Cet accent ...

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Sounds Like Richard Burton

(This is not a really serious verse but here goes anyway . .)


I say ‘was’ instead of ‘were’

And I come from a council estate

Wish I had a voice like Richard Burton

But instead I talk like this


I spent years in a no hope comprehensive

And maybe lack of grammar shows me up

Maybe I should get myself a tutor

-Can’t be that expensive


So would my ...

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