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The Sapphire Ashes

The Saphire Ashes. 


Once a beauty,

Fulfilled her duty.

Loved, honoured, devoted,

Salty kisses coated.

His tongue lashes her bruises,

Twisted words falsely accuses.

Cruelty worse than burning blisters,

Marginalised her assisters. 

Covers her in deadly kisses,

His fist rarely misses.



Cracked and broken parts,

Deserved by filthy tarts. 

She glance...

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Murder death love

Difference between mundane and heavenly

I wrote a poem you'll never read
I'll sing a song you'll never hear
As the pictures on the wall starts to fade
As the dust invades the picture frames
And the seasons come and passed outside my window pane
I still hadn't learned a thing
Time passess as quickly as the clouds crossing from the endless of skies
Your name resonates in the eternal soul of mine
A mundane thing to do is to cry
A ...

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The Sand Man

She could never get her hair to stay,

Even curled and covered in spray. 

Yet now it's stuck and clings in waves,

Hidden deathly shallow graves. 


Blood like wax holds lashes down,

Deathly beauty hides her frown,

Her sadness gone, her fear too,

Her twisted leg and broken shoe.


The chase was over, her killer won,

Smashed her face in, just for fun,

He posed her ...

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Murder death love

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