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A King
Is the ruler of man
A King
Is admired protector
A King
Is wise in his decisions
A King
Sits on a thrown placed there by God
A King
A King

What is a King?

It is not children
Arguing over a legacy

It is not greed
A down payment on history

It is not a family name
A generation brings it to shame

It is not selling tickets
To a path paved by dog bite...

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Aeschylus Unbound

I was idly thumbing through Youtube a while ago when I came across a short piece showing Bobby Kennedy on the back of a flatbed truck in a poor district of Indianapolis, Indiana on 4th April 1968. Announcing the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, he was able to calm a crowd ready to riot at the news. He did so by the force of his words, his rhetoric and his humanity. As many American cities ...

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