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Sympathies for the Preacher

I see that depraved preacher man

Spewing at me variations of hate

For knowing variations of love,

Male, Female,

Romantic, Lustful.

In the shallowness of skin deep I have learned self-love.

I have found beauty in my body

Where I once could only envision the brokenness

A gaping hole where my heart was.

For so many years I had to reject what I felt

Kept pulling chunks of...

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Considering Colour

The types of radiation which make up

The electromagnetic spectrum are -

In ascending order of wavelengths short to long -

Gamma rays, x-rays, ultra violet rays,


Infra-red radiation and radio waves.


Only the Light Spectrum  is humanly visible.

It permits seven basic colours to our underdeveloped eyes -

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet –


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God and Science

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