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Too Much Too Soon

A young lad

Strained his neck

Seeing something shine

Caught in the leaves

Of an old oak tree.

A challenge indeed.

He advanced with care

Knowing the danger

Of a snapping branch,

Focused like a hawk.

His dad spoke

In his head,

"He made a killing that bloke.

Are ya gonna eat that?"

Then with a smile,

"Seen yer girlfriend today?"

Dad went quiet

As the...

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aiming too highDaniel Tavetinspired by the I ChingMetaphor

Pitch Black Skies

Pitch black skies

Day-glo smoke

An icy wind

Snaps it's jaws

Hot sweat drips

From steel cages

Fierce winds


At the door

Chemical smiles

From unknown faces

Dead on the streets

Thudding beats


Round the bar

Nature muffled

Machines roar


By Daniel Tavet

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Daniel Tavetnightclubbing

When Snails Cry

When snails cry

You can see tears

From their tiny eyes.

Eyes out on stalks

Eyes out for walks.

Behind those eyes

Lies a surprise.

No one knows

Their silent pain

But no one is to blame,

Fate plays a cruel game,

The shell of a snail

Makes it lame,

Weighs it down,

Like a pound

But makes no sound.

The voiceless cries

Of snails,

Their sticky membran...

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Daniel Tavethumournaturesnail

Autumnal Birth ( Hot Cools Down)

Hot cools down;

Folks run home

Sun backs down

In dreaded cloud

Folks look n moan

Day before

Quibbles 'bout

It's too hot n tired

Back to work, back to school

Back homeward bound

Disgruntled, it's finito

Summer kapput.

Autumnal birth.

Me no grumble - 

I don't give a folk


Daniel Tavet(c)

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Daniel Tavetnature Autumn

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