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You know that if we prayed for each other
If we tried to do whats right
Lets say we didn't Hate one another
Nor overcome with pride
Freeing elevating our brothers
Getting clean from the inside
Sisters celebrating gracious mothers
That attitude has died
Dead and buried

We try to fix what was never broken
Creating cracks and then we mask them

Insane poet who's words aren't spoken

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MUSHROOM SUNDAY the return of Yolanda

Sacred day sunday cathedral as always 

We walked in a new way 

This time inside 

I met a Welsh reverend 

He bought me a present 

Well he payed for a present I chose for my love 

Observed art work in there 

Preserved well and kept there 

Gargoyles and fairies  

Oh spirit of love 

My twin flame my best mate 

Oh righteous our breastplate 


Truth round my waist ...

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