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Adam Rabinowitz

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Human Being Middle School Teacher Poet/Songwriter I live in the Pacific Northwest, near Seattle. I would like to engage with other poets in reading and receiving and offering feedback on poems. Would also love to know about any readings or workshops in the area. Thanks.

Today's Poems

Persona non grata I want to dream big sitting still as a heron s-necked and watching knees bent poised undistracted by endlessly changing surface looking deep past reflection hungry for each possibility of success balanced wings plunging beak every small black shadow below feeds my dream

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Audio entries by Adam Rabinowitz

The Times...Are They a Changin? (22/08/2019)

Upon Hearing of an ICE Raid: we want the country back (08/08/2019)

Thank You (07/08/2019)

A Question (03/08/2019)

Frogs (29/07/2019)

Folks Want (28/07/2019)

Crawl of the Caterpillar (27/07/2019)

Next Bed Over (26/07/2019)

Before You Came Back (26/07/2019)

At Noon (26/07/2019)

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Thu 22nd Aug 2019 00:10

Seattle huh?
home of Antifa mobs & homeless.

by the way, are those sharks behind you
in that photo?

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keith jeffries

Thu 15th Aug 2019 21:19

Adam, thank you for commenting on my poems. I particularly enjoyed Olympic Mountains as it had that impressionist flavour, a genre of poetry I am very drawn to. Keep writing Adam as your work has a special quality, which over time, will achieve your own personal brand of poetry. I look forward to observing your progress.

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Mon 5th Aug 2019 00:27

That’s some powerful poetry you are sharing Adam. One makes me want to go swimming and float for eternity, another reminds me of a time capsule that could be opened 1,000 years from now to decipher how we made it through the mayhem to continue the human race. Definitely adding you to my favorites to enjoy your lyrical lessons❣️👍🙏🔥

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Thu 25th Jul 2019 23:53

Hi Adam, thanks for the comment on Murmur Love. I'm just trying to encourage a shy artist into expressing themselves out loud. Looking forward to reading (and listening to) yours in the next few days. T

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Devon Brock

Thu 25th Jul 2019 23:08

I've noticed the chat window problem with older versions of Windows. I don't have it with 10, but my work computer, Windows 9, I think, or whatever came before 10, has the same behavior.


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Mae Foreman

Tue 23rd Jul 2019 13:45

Hello Adam! Loved your sample and may I say impressiove bio! I wish I could write songs! I wonder, is your sample a sestina? I recently did one, two in fact...yours is far better!
Anyway, welcome 🎈

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