Repost: Consequence-A Sestina Read by Mae Foreman

First posted on August 5th. I am grateful to Mae Foreman for providing the awesome reading.



A sentence begins with a word 

or a condemnation of action 

capitals and gavels quickly fall 

emotions follow swift in step 

as bailiff's impassive approach 

begins a period of deep reflection


Narcissus gazed at water’s reflection 

unable to hear any Echo of Nemesis’ word 

unable to accept any lover's approach

as arms became petals no action 

was taken and so step by step 

legs became roots, body stems,  and petals did fall


Time for dread Persephone to return, it is fall 

and if small pomegranate seed did not sit in reflection

upon her tongue  no more upon her step 

would a dead man nor Immortal whisper the word

“welcome” as she would not leave and no action, 

choice or trick  hers to calm his approach


“Come closer,” you softly whispered at my approach

“I want to fall in love and in love fall 

next to you, each new thought an action 

until our bodies breathe body breath without reflection 

only sound and time until sound’s last word

is an unintelligible sigh-gasp spoken in simultaneous step”


A sentence then begins, so many years of silence, a step 

towards despair which leaves only to again approach 

to whisper poisons from ancient books within which no word

brings joy, Persephone and petals both fall 

Narcissus, now one-eyed blind, sees no reflection

now there is no action to any thought nor thought to any action


Grace, eloquence, art, love all stem from action

Narcissus blooms, Persephone embraces Demeter, each a quiet step

away from bailiff’s forced isolated reflection

paunchy and somnambulent, the judge fell asleep no bench to approach 

we all rise always rise before our fall

for in silence there is no final word


So, a call to action, a novel approach

Think carefully of consequence, step cautiously do not fall

For in darkness there is no reflection, in the beginning there is only the word.

◄ Leaving


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Mae Foreman

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 18:08

Thank you Adam so much from the bottom of my heart for trusting your beautiful poem with me! It is a beautiful piece and it was a pleasure reading it and delving deeper into it. So many layers there, with each time I read it new things were revealed to me! Thanks you too Martin, for always supporting my reciting attempts!
Keep writing everybody!🎈


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Martin Elder

Sat 2nd Nov 2019 22:49

A truly beautiful poem made all the better by Mae's reading. You have brought this poem to life. Although it was great to begin with, you have taken it to a new level Mae. It reminds me that all poems should be heard outside the mind at some point in their delivery
A very well done both

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Adam Rabinowitz

Sat 2nd Nov 2019 18:55

Mae's reading is so amazing. To hear one's poem read by another is truly a gift. Thank you, Mae.

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