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Chris Armstrong

Updated: Sat, 29 Apr 2023 03:03 pm


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Sailor and librarian, navigator and researcher, teacher and trainer, and – always – a traveler. Although born in Sussex, I have lived in Wales most of my life – for the last forty years in the country, farms and hills near Tregaron. All this – and more – have shaped the poems which reflect the joys and tragedies that life brings. Although a 'scholarly' writer for more than thirty years, it is only in the last ten or so that I have found expression through verse. Perhaps life's larger trials lead to deeper outpourings. The past is always present I am always interested to see how my poems affect readers.


Druid Lane We came upon A mystic way leading nowhere but the hills. Floored in leaves, tree roofed, bank-bound Untrodden but by wanderers for centuries past. What lay beyond, worthy of such industry? Perhaps a long forgotten hearth tenured by shepherd or crone. Or did this tended track pass on to a hilltop way: Miles now lost to grass and sheep, A one-time druidic path to some time-eroded henge The copper leaf-rustle underfoot speaks of many passings Hidden in time

My Books

Mostly Welsh – Poems of landscape, love and loss: Available on Amazon The Dark Trilogy – A book that follows one man's life might be an autobiography, but what is a book that traces the lives of two men?... The fictional autobiography... Available on Amazon Braiding Brexit: A Lemming’s-eye View: Available to view or download Book of the Spirit - A poetry chapbook. Available at When I Am Not Writing Poetry: Selected Short Stories. Available at Lost Time: Chorus and Other Poems. Available at

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 21st Jul 2017 16:33

I shall try to catch up with more of your work. I really admire the lyricism of your poetry, and the finesse of diction. A little learned sophistication is a blessed thing.

In your photo, is that a twisted 'knot' upon the sand? That would certainly complement your bio.

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keith jeffries

Wed 12th Apr 2017 18:31

Chris, in your biography you say the ´the past is always present ´. For many this may seem an off the cuff remark but in reality is is an essential ingredient of our existence. Thank you. Keith

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