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"Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood" -T. S. Eliot


Before The Angels But for the almighty roar even Ocean would lay low, without reflection of Sun dancing diamonds, plain old grey. But we stroll the strand together you and I squeeze your hand the tighter. This day as one wooden bench feels just for us hopeful pigeons assess us, looking like badly stuffed toys without the magic of wings lifting them high. Before their brethren poised in flight our moving together makes all of a kiss. valentine ---------- They barely seem to move at all the stars who are so shy while you lie down to rest your head they glide across the sky to say I Love You and seas but for a cruel moon would lie down for their peace by a land they all must cleave to kiss soft and never cease to say I love You Of this timeless relationship sublime now songbirds sing so offering a sanctity my heart is on the wing for so I Love You HAIKU -------- at sunrise practise within the grey area leaves perfect their green ~~~ over dark landscapes countless stars have assembled: a sleeper may wake ~~~ the rolling moon's sigh- "your fields my shimmering sea, could I choose to stay" ~~~ willows hanging lower and lower over the path, even dogs must bow ~~~ you sense the old man with one more sad tale to tell let star-gazing win ~~~ what of the coconut- atom wrestles ocean for the fabled shore ~~~ The Carressing Hand ------------------------ The sound of one hand clapping is the view of one lamb gazing through falling blossoms, no clock ticking... Because you are always warm my hands are cool over your skin. Such clouds moved to glide shadows pastoral across your curving hillside, let fingers so devoted sink in apropos of pressing need. One finger may tap a tattoo to entertain, one soothe and steal away sorrows. Yes, you rest in safe hands sworn to preserve our gentle idyll. Jealously they hold the future ever closer to my heart. While you sleep and wake as you will for my palms a wild-flower pasture, these same palms which can only push impress with lightness, their soul motive the wish- peacefulness gain the meadow. You are surely a silkie seal and will steal me away to my fate, and I will clasp tight to my side my treasure and pride as we overcome hurdle and gate. The sky and the wing, wave and the fin, move and murmer together, a lamb may safely graze, a flitting blossom haze, oh unto smooth inclines forever.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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