Why So Blue, Sweetheart?

Sweetheart, you're black and blue
From the things I've done to you

Now your dead arm swings loose
And your bruised eye won't open
These things I've done to you

An evening among friends, descends
Now we're alone
Now you start on me again
Buttons all pushed, again

You try to stand your ground
But I'll always shout louder
Surely safer to just settle down?

Cower, out in the...

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Sewing It Together

Our footprints in the sand veer off
Two different paths they're forging now
You go on and live your life

I'll be here, I'll be sewing it together
Using the thread you taught me to weave
I go on and live my life

You go on, for we both must grow
Push the boundaries of who we can be
I'm so thankful for the years in your love
I pray you'll remember me the same way too

Even when the brightest spark had faded
And ...

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Sailing on Firewater

My friends sit there at the table
Dividing out the fluids into glasses
Allocating the argument for weightlessness
In the dark of night; we are sailors
Visiting the shores of apocalypse
I keep my ship-mates entertained with humour
Jokes that I carve from darkness
They seem to appreciate my role here
And no one notices my detachment
The missing 'something' that defines me
But we drink to blur the lines
And pre...

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Then Give Back

When that song is sung out of me
And that breath is gone from me
When those closing eyes are mine
And that silence fills my mouth
Then I will give myself back

When the turning wheel is staid
And the longest road is walked
When gravity is satisfied completely
And all my poetry has been written
Then I will give myself back

I will give myself back
To the ground
To the soil
I'll lay myself down
Give myself back to ...

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One of These Years

One of these days I'll get it all together
Gather up my debts
and gather up my thoughts
One of these days I won't have a choice
There'll be no other way, just a fading day
I always say
One of these days...
Oh yeah
One of these days...

One of these days I'll write to my family
Tell them all, I love them, always have and will
One of these days I'll start giving to charity
Go out and help my brother/sister man o...

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Raining In Darlington

Every new day brings fresh lethargy
Renewed deceit, increased malaise
So the tipping-point arrives
The call goes out
But there is nothing
And no one comes;
These 'friends' have failed

Every new year brings fresh poetry
A handful of old photographs
And the game of remembering names
Those pretty kids stand so still
Smiling on a beach somewhere
Where are they now
In these heavy adult years

Every new life brings fr...

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Lay Down Your Guard

Do not be afraid of the flames
They are the best thing I have ever known
Do not try to apply your logic
For it holds no currency here
You're welcome to try and hide your joy
But there is no point in fighting this
It will take you - if it wants to

So do not be afraid of the flames
Take the chance we all must take
Please risk the 'getting burnt'
For there is no better way
There is no better purpose in this lif...

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Your Poem Is Still Young

Your poem is still young
I have not mastered it just yet
I am constantly revising
Still working on the phrasing

Your poem is still young
Though it's meaning is defined
I only have the final line
Those last three certain words

Your poem is still young
Each year instils some new ideas
Your actions suggest more rhymes
And we have many years to go

Your poem is still...

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