Sewing It Together

Our footprints in the sand veer off
Two different paths they're forging now
You go on and live your life

I'll be here, I'll be sewing it together
Using the thread you taught me to weave
I go on and live my life

You go on, for we both must grow
Push the boundaries of who we can be
I'm so thankful for the years in your love
I pray you'll remember me the same way too

Even when the brightest spark had faded
And we both knew our time was ending
Still you were the best friend I could ever have
Still you held me and gave to me so much

Your finger prints on my heart will linger
I'll never let them fade, they are my reminder
Now you go on and live your life

Letting go of your precious mind
Is the hardest thing I've ever done
But this love has enabled me to
I feel nothing but gratitude now
For all that we shared as one

I'm sewing it together, here
I go on and live my life
You're sewing it together now
And I wish you love

I wish you so much love...


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