Sailing on Firewater

My friends sit there at the table
Dividing out the fluids into glasses
Allocating the argument for weightlessness
In the dark of night; we are sailors
Visiting the shores of apocalypse
I keep my ship-mates entertained with humour
Jokes that I carve from darkness
They seem to appreciate my role here
And no one notices my detachment
The missing 'something' that defines me
But we drink to blur the lines
And pretty soon we're equal anyway
We'll go floating through the streets
That cut through the houses like a river
And from the banks on either side
We can get all the gold we'll need
So when we reach the sea of people
They won't drown us in their drinks
And potential lovers that we pass
Won't just be ships in the night
And if we're really lucky, then maybe
They'll ask us to climb aboard...


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