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Why So Blue, Sweetheart?

Sweetheart, you're black and blue
From the things I've done to you

Now your dead arm swings loose
And your bruised eye won't open
These things I've done to you

An evening among friends, descends
Now we're alone
Now you start on me again
Buttons all pushed, again

You try to stand your ground
But I'll always shout louder
Surely safer to just settle down?

Cower, out in the bedroom
Give me space to throw my weight around
Don't start those waterworks with me

Right from the start
You knew
I'm a passionate man
When it comes to you

Those knocks are just acts of love, gone wrong
Slightly astray
A light 'tap' on the face, Sweetheart
And you know that I love you

You're shaking in my arms again
Just like when we first met
I still do that to you?
Yeah, I do
But now you're black and blue

(2009, written for a friend and an ex-friend)


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Thu 24th Sep 2020 09:26

Thank you Flavia, yes, please do - share away! ?

Also thanks Cynthia, Dave, Ann, Beulah and Isobel too. I really hope I thanked you back at the time. Where were my manners back then?!

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Flavia Gordon

Thu 24th Sep 2020 02:54

Heavenly is your take on such a hellish subject. Your way with words have made a bitter situation palatable.
May I share this?

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Tue 5th Jan 2010 16:21

Hadn't read this before - but oh - it makes me shiver.... Could you tag it with WOLOP.dec. Don't know if you know much about WOLOP but it would be easier to read my current blog that has just gone up. Thanks.

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Sun 3rd Jan 2010 00:09

perfect all three. class is class.

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 24th Dec 2009 17:48

Strong stuff Thomas, well written. And on a lighter note - HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

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Dave Bradley

Wed 23rd Dec 2009 15:38

Cynthia's comment sums it up. Well done

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 22nd Dec 2009 15:58

Grim and powerful; a blow to the heart and head. Your way with words and your sense of drama are compelling. This is one of the best on this subject that I've read anywhere.

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