Love Is What You Need


If you love it
it will be what you wanted
If you give it
you will find it’s what you lost

There is something waiting
something beautiful, waiting
if you’re patient
if you love it

You say you want to see
scenes that feed your eyes
they’re waiting, they’re all around you
if you love them

There is something happening
something beautiful, happening
if you’...

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Is It Cold Where You Are?


All this talk of cut cords, severed alliances
assuming an adultness of understanding, a rationing of feeling
where one side metes out their emotions
only experiences the right and sensible sensations

All this assumption of absolutes, burned bridges
there being no way to return to stir this into a mess
A wall of arbitrary time, slotted days upon weeks
to hide the vision of...

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This Leaving Feeling


Below the boards I hear the water rushing
a stray dog strolls by to say hello
he doesn’t stop for long, keeps moving on
across Port Meadow the horses roam

I’ve got this leaving feeling, breeding in me...

The sun above sheds it’s strength with the season
trees undressing, will soon stand naked
arms held up but not in questioning
the bridge at Magdalen wheezing smoke

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The Friend You Lost


let go
There have always been two sides
relax the pains
loosen the hurt
you’re not the only one
you’re not the only one
who couldn’t cope

see common ground
at peace...
of course the other burned too
just imagine what they went through
moved too fast? Awful timing? Yes
you weren’t the only one
you weren’t the ...

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Ashes Blow Over All Things


For every happy thought
for every smiling friend
for everyone who thanks me
I let the ashes blow
For every hand I lend
for every promise made
for every declaration of love
I let the ashes blow
For every moment of understanding
and every instant of communion
and every apparent good deed
I let the ashes blow
Somewhere, there ...

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Houdini Song

Spitting it out in the hope of releasing
unlocking the cage stifling my growth
burning it all selfishly brightly
and the feeling is back again
pounding my head again
to just let go

Spewing it out with the aim of escaping
fleeing this habitual and too perfect a world
shedding the handcuffs worn in contentment
and the aching is back again
haunting my thoughts again
to jus...

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This Solipsism

I fell asleep one dry spring afternoon
And when I woke, I couldn’t place the mornings events
Were they dreamed, were they yesterday
Where do they fit in my reality?

I sat dozing on a train between cities
Caught a flashing glimpse in the oscillating scenery
It was with me with saucer eyes, from another time
A memory that I couldn’t place

Could there have been another world ...

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Still Waiting

Throwing away another spent calendar
I'm tossing another slice of my heart into the wind
I'm still waiting...

I feel all I have known is the length of this wait
and all I've been doing is biding worthless time
and still waiting...

What difference has it made to me, this waste
what have I gained so far for my blind patience
and still waiting...

Oh, nine years...

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Themed Poetry Competition

Hello Poets,

I've not been able to get hold of Anna since she won January's themed-poetry competition last week so I thought I'd throw it open for someone to suggest and run the next one... I guess first one to post the competition's theme and an outline of how it will work - go for it...

You can grab the rules outline (which I took from the previous comp) here: CHILDHOOD

I'm ...

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Childhood Competition - And The Winner Is...


Thanks to everyone who took part by submitting a poem or voting for their favourite(s). Seems like a great many people had trouble choosing just one. It's been really interesting to see how everyone has approached the subject of Childhood - I wasn't sure how well it would go down as a topic.

Anyway, here are the results:




The winner:

Anna Percy – Child...

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Touching Souls

Where are the keys
why do we suffer these
nine to five, making the best of things
six to twelve, I'm not making the most of me

Where is the doorway into
the life we always thought was ours
five years pass, then ten years have passed
I'm older now but no nearer to where I want to be

These prisons
these cells
why do we dwell here
are you the key
are you the one for m...

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Hush Little Nightmare

Quiet, quiet
Calm and still
Closed eyes can rest
Sleepy head can drift

Quiet, quiet
Gentle thought
No more mess to address
No more questions to molest you

Finally cut free
Spill out, drift on
Into the new sea
Palms laid on fresh skin

Fretted for years
Worried for a living
Guilt; it breaks your heart
The quietest of all
Let go, let go
They'll never know

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Childhood - Competition Follow Up to 'Space'

Hi All and Happy New Year!

Following on from the Space competition which ran over November/December by Paul Blackburn I am now going to follow with this month’s prize and competition. I know I’m starting it a little late in the month but you lot are so inspired I’m sure you’ll come up with some amazing stuff in 3 weeks...

The rules as much the same as they have been so far:



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