Senses softened in the dark afternoon
This year is charring in the fire grate
So I pour out into the haunted fields
Looking for loneliness, for lines, for clues
To get a handle on all that’s happened
To make predictions on where I am headed

All around my body, the world’s covered by a sheet
Life’s decorator is preparing to paint the new year
This land spills on for snowy miles
My past r...

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They're Lights In The Sky, Kid

It’s an endless stream of thought
that leaves your perspective shifted
On a train to some forgotten town
where your childhood ended

It’s the sort of water-colour sunset
that makes the windows gilded frames
The ethereal passing moments
with everything in tune with itself

I asked a man much older
when I was still a child
what are those
what are those, up there?

“They’re lights in t...

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Tunnelling in the dirt below my feet
I've been digging here all week
carving this hollow so deep
today, I hit bone

This is heavier work than I imagined
surveyed the ground from beyond the fence
And we both agreed that this was right
but now the toil is breaking me apart

As a new day rises
I'm bawling in the shower
never knew I could feel this pain
with the taps turned up to ten

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break updepressionlowmoving onsadness

Where To Hide The Body

I walk around here plainly
acting so innocent most of the time
Who would think of it
who could think of what I've done
when faced with this curious smile
when sated by this quiet voice and caring words
no hint, no trace is there
of my dark secret...
Down every street of every city
through every subway, every alley
always flashing through my mind is

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The heart was yearning
like hearts are known to do
The heart knew for what it was thirsting
as hearts often do
Standing too close to the window
hovering wild-eyed on the roof
watching the sun set through grubby glass
chasing peach skies on a push bike
Oh the heart knows that it is hungry
So the heart is quietly aligning 
this vessel body towar...

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What strange gravities compel you?
Which strong seasons
manipulate the focus of your mind?
What forces are at work
governing your silences and interactions?
What are the properties of magnetic north
that keep you so firmly held there?

Which habits formed into crippling routine
Which once-cradled ambitions did you let burn away?
What hope, was it you had, for all of what you started

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The Lion Drinks

I've been blank paper
at the water's edge
waiting for the love letters to be written
to be written over me
I've been the moronic vaccuum
on the dance floor
slipping over in my spilling smiles
spilling all over me
When the devil drinks
I drink
when the lion drinks
this town sinks
I've been trying to get off
this carrousel that...

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Lost Letter, Found


Did you heal that humbling heartbreak
that rang like a bell through you?
Did you conquer the stifling loss
bitterly coating all your notebooks?
Did you ever find a stranger at your door
clutching wine and headphones?
Did they listen with hungry ears
to all the truths you had to share?
Did they grab your wrists with passion 
dance you into th...

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Fascinator Moon


Fascinator moon, hung low
the great reflector
with dagger clouds, piercing
double-crossed, intersected
swollen with blood
like some fat bat, clung to the sky
nameless, upside down
But beating…
beating across every thought tonight
as love might beat
as obsessive love might beat
across every thought tonight
Memories arisen, waxing ...

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All The Forgotten Novels


I watched you 
wrangling those sensations
turning your heart 
upside out, inside down
dipped in ink
kissing the page
I heard your words fall
articulate fictions collecting
spelling out the living world
filtered through your eyes...
I sat, awe-struck
at the flippant phrasings
spilling from your pen
Truest lies, the lying truths

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Things Half Said


Looking back over all the things I’ve printed on the page
there seems to be gap between the truth of what was felt
and what’s imagined
The words came while I was still questioning the validity
but what I then went on to feel was always with such certainty
There is a space between
there is a space between you and me
filled with things half said

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