Tiger Mountain

I have fallen for the mad ones
and the sad ones
and the ones who don't know what they want

I have found that mania so consuming
confused depression for deep thinking
I've tried to heal the cracked ones
and piece the broken ones together...

Oh I have tried to climb that mountain
with broken ankles...

I have lived off the wild ones
brought calm to the angry ones
laid down with the t...

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I don't write them like I used to
now they're not carved out of my bones
like they used to be

I don't bleed all over the carpets 
in some mouldy rented bathroom
like I used to

They used to say it was the angst that drove me
some mild flair for painting what had pained me
but you have to make peace eventually
and I don't know what is driving this anymore

At the end of the line ...

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See What Thinking Brings

The impenetrable logic that wriggles
its strong bright hands before my eyes
distracting and distancing
drawing my gaze away
withdrawn from simple knowledge
complicated and confused

I lay still
on the soft floor
where it's safe
And calm

Thoughts gushing through narrow corridors
bust pipes and crossed wires, releasing
the past and the present slip further apart
all memories lock the...

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In These Pictures I Have Taken


In these poems I have written
small fragments of our lives shelter
breathing, living on beyond their boundary

In these paintings I have crafted
there are moments rendered forever, moody
brooding, sometimes out-staying their welcome

Waves rise, waves crash on the salty pier
the sea crawls in, the sea backs off
we bloomed, we expanded and contracted
living brightly through each exp...

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I was lost in a forest
with the cold night swaddling me
calmly, whispering
"Love the ones who love you back
and all will be revealed"

I found a stone, it caught my eye
heart-shaped and out of place
I picked it up and kept it
that was fifteen years ago
it sits on my window sill

Don't pity me, don't laugh
I know I spoke like a child in my early thirties
and I lived like a wild man

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The Quiet Ones


Like a quiet song
which builds into some anthem
so I wish to rise now

From the comfort of the carpet
to the burning focus of the lectern
so much I need to say

You and I, we've always been
the quiet ones
quietly turning inside
You and I, we've always known
we were the quiet ones
quietly teeming inside

Yet I must move from this position
briefly break from our synchronicity

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