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One of These Years

One of these days I'll get it all together
Gather up my debts
and gather up my thoughts
One of these days I won't have a choice
There'll be no other way, just a fading day
I always say
One of these days...
Oh yeah
One of these days...

One of these days I'll write to my family
Tell them all, I love them, always have and will
One of these days I'll start giving to charity
Go out and help my brother/sister man on their way
I always say
One of these days...
Right, yeah
One of these days...

One of these days I'll fix that creaky stair
And change the bulb
in the darkened hallway
One of these days I'll start a band, write a book
Start saving for the time when I can't work a day
I always say
One of these days...
I will
One of these days...

Days they go, slipping by
I let them go, slipping by
Building themselves into a tidy month
Building themselves into a neat year
Building themselves into a pretty lifetime

One of these days I'll take stock of what I've got
Sit down with a pen, and calculate the cost of everything
One of these days I'll stop talking, speak in actions
Like I've been promising myself I would for so long
I always say
One of these days...
Oh, I mean
One of these years...


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Thu 24th Sep 2020 09:28

Thanks Flavia! I've come a long way since then - but it's good to have a reminder sometimes. Time is always ticking and opportunities becoming fewer.

Thanks Francine, Dave, Darren and Andy - I wish you were all still posting.

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Flavia Gordon

Thu 24th Sep 2020 03:08

So very relatable. The procrastinator in me nodded knowingly as we read.?

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Andy Williamson

Tue 15th Dec 2009 23:36

For now I'll just say how much I enjoyed reading this. Great flow and rhythm.

But I'll write a larger commentary on this..........sometime soon...........when I get a moment.............honest..........perhaps.........I will, I'll get round to it.

Keep posting

darren thomas

Tue 15th Dec 2009 10:14

Hi Thomas

For me, 'good' poetry shows an awareness of what to say without actually saying it. 'Great' poetry digs a little deeper than that - the words from 'great' poets are usually shaped and made to sound as if they have always belonged next to each other, and while this particular piece feels a little loose, the use of certain refrains do their best to keep it all together.

I've read your other postings too. I agree with Dave Bradley when he says you have talent - your work is enjoyable.

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Dave Bradley

Tue 15th Dec 2009 08:35

Hi Thomas

I was struck by this. Powerful, balanced, provocative use of language, and as Francine says, we can all relate to it. Also interested to read your profile. You certainly have talent - I hope you stick on WOL and keep posting

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Mon 14th Dec 2009 21:45

I think we can all relate to this one!

And here I have been meaning to study Spanish...
One of these days... Just not today ; )

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