Lune Poetry

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Anger consumes me

Eats my soul like cancer

Self inflicted hell


Woman in mirror

Who is this old person

OMG it's me


A ghostly soldier

Wife and babe are alone

Price of Freedom


Mimes make rhymes

Sure Mimes can make rhymes

Who'd hear it


The many criticisms

Crash on me like thunder

Endure the storms


A hollow victory

Got to top of field

Lost my family


Shirley, bright meadow

Peaceful calm serenity

Doesn't fit me


Secrets and lies

Ate my soul slowly away

Almost destroyed me


His whistle echoes

The memories of my mind

Really miss Dad


The hotel had

A tacky 60's Las Vegas

Sun dried charm


The bird evolution

The almighty has forsaken you

Ostrich can't fly


Bought Hello Kitty

Dog ate stuffed Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty poop


Apocalypse has began

The zombies are a coming

Protect your brains


This the end?

Some asteroids were near misses

Going to hell?


First three words

Then it is five words

Next three words


First three syllables

Then it is five syllables

Then three again


The fishing hole

Toss a stone makes ripples

Water's turned green


Guns fall silent

Peace treaty has been signed

Fragile peace exists


Small bud withered

A few drops of rain

A beautiful flower


Cat on boob

All her weight on it



A stolen poem

Took credit for my effort

Poem was removed


Half a heart

But she fills ours completely

Beautiful baby Isabella

lune poetry

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Ged Thompson

Tue 27th Aug 2013 03:16

I love this in all its darkness, concise with hints off sporadic despair and confusion. Very honest and very very brave writing, well done for having the courage.

Ged X

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