A Letter to Myself

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You promised yourself

to begin acting sensibly.

Up until now your

choices have been

less than satisfactory.


Make the right move.

It is still within reasonable

time. Acknowledge

you need help.


Your history has

been spotted, but

you have a

nimble wit.  Of the

arts and professions

you sold yourself short.

Pull yourself

from the mire.


You claim your proclivites

are an impediment,

which have caused

failure to complete

your studies.


You tell yourself you lack

the stamina and the initiative

for the long haul.


I see in you great capacity

to follow through.

Keep the bargain

you made to yourself.



your letter

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Nigel Astell

Thu 11th Apr 2013 15:27

Shake bottle
light quill
then redip
tense texture
please refrain
blotting paper
soaks mistakes
so can
bargain makers.

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Nick Clifton

Sat 6th Apr 2013 09:48

Be true unto yourself and enjoy SS wordage. ta muchly, nick.

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