Just Me

Cold mornings

Warm bath water

It suffocates me

Its calming taking my breathe away

The water is loving me

Turning me on

No one is here with me

Spread my legs

Allowing the water to pour down

Sending shopping spree tension down, on the lower half of me

My hands play free in my park

As, no one was there to question me; what do I like best at my water park

The ocean around me becomes aggravated by my excitement 

The storm becomes clam

As I started to come

Come down from the swing 

That pushed me so high

My thoughts send me off

Kicking my leg up and over the head of the faucet

Allowing it to cleanse me

Feels like a baptism rebuking me

No spiritual words

Only a moan, as the feeling is my favorite song

I open my eyes

Its flooded all around me

Water all over the damn place

Oh, that’s me

I smirk a little

I look around, there is no one here just me 

#free # bath #water #wind #park

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