Foggy Ways

Grey skies fade my mornings away

Trying to see through the foggy window

Past, is the fog outside

I breathe into it, wiping it away

Seeing if I can make sense of it

Its cloudy

I can see near

But, not the distance I would like to go

Gloomy days appear

As the radiance from the sun gives strength  

But, the grey skies never appear, when I let others see it through

Only for me, I can’t see the sun

How bright it shines

As my journey stops and goes

Gets covered by fog and sometimes unpredictable snow

I’m going in with no plan

But no expectations

No longer letting anxiety, distractions, and stress

Cloud or shift my way of seeing

Focus on getting through the fog

The gloomy day is only one

Tomorrow maybe sunny

But no longer waiting for the fog to dissipate to clear the way

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Douglas MacGowan

Tue 23rd Jan 2018 16:30

We are experiencing yet another foggy day here (the San Francisco area) and it is definitely affecting my mood. So I can see how you felt when you wrote this poem. I like all of your mental images.

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