Unsafe ride

The ride began intense


Then hills an curves came


It was inconsistent


From what was presented


After two rounds of discombobulation


Maybe this is routine  


It rides smooth again


Slapping a smile on my face


After a jerk to the side


Cobble stone bumps


Im not able to keep up



Thinking is this ride not for me


I just want to love it


Then excuses of medical issues


What did i get myself into


I will love it through and through


Is this what i have to get use to


Neglect, ignoring, blindness


When i just want to smother it


With love and kindness


The presentation was nice


But it is not, keeping up its hype


There was no fine print


Only attentiveness


This ride has no safety


No seatbelts or guard rails


To hold back


An keep me from being thrown


On my chest


And being hurt


As this ride moved my scales


I remember at the beginning


A man smiled at the start of the ride


And wanted me on


He got me with a smile


And switched up the ride


I don’t even think he knows, the ride has changed


From when he started the ride and showed it off


Subconsciously leaving it unattended


Now, it’s just me working it all


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