Friendship at the Door

Friendship is important

But, I already know what we are

I saw an opening of your door

I can see in a little more

Because you started to tell me things

names you’ve never mentioned before

This is new

You’ve indirectly asked, if I would date you

Something different

But, the game of insainty

He is playing with me

Trying to prescribe me something for the soon insanity 

Because we women see what is happening, but they play us to be crazy

we are fuck buddies, we are good

I’ve all ways liked you

Always stayed close to the door

with my ear near

listing and envisioning what will be the ending

Will it be me or  me being the friend, that can stay physically near

I want it to be fair

I play the friend roll

I am near the door when it opens temporally

As he would come out, when there was a misunderstanding

The door would close again, and I would do my thing

But, the door is wide open

Your conversation started sending my fairytale to a possibility

But apart

we are the same

not communicating

but that’s normal

because we are only fucking

maybe, I stuck around and enjoyed the temporary moment

no courting with me

Friendship is important to me

Ill keep my feelings on paper crushed in my pocket close to me

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