Cruel world

Money maker shake it up

The US makes a gamble of anything

Cruel world

Don’t appear with feelings only your mind

As you may get hurt

Biracial relationships

Gay love

Police kill

Global warming

Aliens are real

Love yourself fat or not

Internet bullying

Everything is relevant

But doesn’t allow us to think

Almost brain washing

What is in our food

It trashes our mind not letting us think for ourselves

Movies based on history that’s always a good thing 

Those of us who have missed it

But, how much of it is history

Dollar, dollar, bill yall

If its not current no one will buy it

Be different they say but oh its so clique

In with the click with no feelings and only a brain

Or else you won’t sell anything

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Douglas MacGowan

Fri 12th Jan 2018 22:27

This poem spells out a world on the edge very well.

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