The Moon Moves the Ocean (Hope Moves Me)

I wake up each morning
my mind wrapped around your body.

spiralling in an unbreakable circuit
round and round
bound by terminal planetary rings
orbiting around closed eye film trailers of you
moving through sleeps ghostly shadows
from my pillow, crawling up the wall onto the ceiling
before dropping onto and into me.

watching a candlelight burning in a lighthouse
lantern gallery
the flickering flame, lost to the vast ocean
shines brighter in my bijou room
than the booming, ship seeking torch 
striding through darkness in full bloom.

morning light reflects from strand to cave
shades of sea foam glimmering, dancing on the walls
along with the sharp silver glint of abalone shell calls
jellyfish breaking through alabaster spume waves
while the ocean orchestra bellows your name...

in and out as the tide marches against the shore
under the eye of a soft seine sunrise
to the strokes of a setting stella d'oro sunset
and waning to waxing, new through to full
the moonlight and brightness of day, shine your name...

under the starlit ceiling
i swim in harp string lullabies
swaying across the sky
diving into the sea
where saints go to die
                      in the ocean of time
life is better when i close my eyes.

une immense espoir a traversé l'océan 
une immense espérance a traversé la terre


:: AUDIO ::

◄ dreams + psychedelic drugs as inter~dimensional portals


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Rose Casserley

Fri 18th Nov 2022 00:21

There just is no stopping you Rob-fabulous piece! Certainly no shortage of cool lines.

Rose 💋

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