4 daze spent watching clouds [shades of paint.catalogue blue]

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silence is the seed
watered by the headbanging of blank page walls

pin prick focus
feeds the soil manure
& when these fertile elements
collide with time
the fruit echoes divine.

in the Eleusinian ruins
under chisel & brush
peeled pomegranate seed chambers
expose mythical relics inside chests
next to an ornament with ergot bitten dentures
& a skull painted with poppy fused inks.

in the dust lay a cracked lekythos
with traces of kykeon sediment
alongside a stitched leather satchel
filled with dried apricots & crushed nuts.

clay tablets with portraits of priests
holding scepters & vessels
    ----    pine torches & horses adorn
those red clay ornamental sculptures.

in a puff of cigar smoke
i was flung off of the bulls back
& impaled with the horns
of a piercing inquisitive storm
& sleep's eternal inquisition.

saturated in fields
of bohemian art & mystical philosophy
where i sat at the bench of avant garde views
marked by libertine graffiti
under chain wrapped
leather spiked straps of anarchy.

for five months
i lived in isolation
in that single bed closet of a room
without window
or television
my only view of the world outside
came from inside those ancient texts
birthing futuristic visions.

a tumbler of whisky
& single vanilla infused
tobacco cigarette
became the only indulgence
in moments of rest
with feet up & mind unbuckled.

castle built on sand
with Velcro straps and shoelace latches
stands cracked under ram horn blown
war songs

those vibracrete walls
crest fallen by the mockery
of shepherd anthems
covered in confetti
& spray painted graffiti
for four days i watched the clouds multiply
      vapour droplets of food colouring in a bucket of water
members of a child imagined / 'eye-spy' animal kingdom
    moving through the sky in a rain hinting stampede
  *                                                                                  \\\\
    on the fifth day i woke up to a chambray sky
which in the swan lake breeze reflected the cornflowers
no cloud in sight plastered against the royal blue ceiling
  darkness came with a drizzle which burst into torrential downpour
            i fell asleep smiling


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Kevin Tan

Mon 5th Jun 2023 07:08

yeah I like it. Ik hou ervan 👍

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Fri 2nd Jun 2023 06:29

Your first line says it all.

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Bethany Sallis

Fri 2nd Jun 2023 00:05

You have a great gift and you use it so well Mr Cohen

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