dreams + psychedelic drugs as inter~dimensional portals

i dissolved as a dandelion in the eye of a tornado
on a night dimly lit up by the fading
  waning gibbous moon

wiping the scales from my eyes
  i woke up
untangling my limbs
    out of the mycelium web
spun in a kaleidoscopic razor-wire thread
winding spirals of psychedelic bungee cables
within the walls of my exploding head

a prefrontal lobe c-section
made me see the plasticity of reality
    stirring the tides of all seven thousand seas 
  rising with techno-junkie tsunami rave waves
splashing onto Goa's shore with tie-dyed
  Buddhist appropriation 

spinning in a drowsy trip
with hundreds of tabs open in my skull's browser
  soft electric jazz music
blows over and through me
  without a single saxophone note
lifting me off the dusty floor
          to float through my mind's sky
    across the pond to New Orleans           
and the stumbling drumbeat
falling off before hitting home

alien night where both mythos and logos disperse
  lost in the spiced cigarette smoke rings
and drifting daemon daydreams
where my dark fantasy lands on the train track
with bloodshot
puffy eyes and fingers crossed
  mumbling for the trolley-cart lever-puller
to divert the machine my way
    hoping that he hears
my telepathic begging
when facing his Kantian dilemma

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Rose Casserley

Wed 16th Nov 2022 20:53

WOWSERS! what a read! Rob, where the flip have you been all of my amazement starved life?

Rose 💋

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