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Without you I cannot imagine myself;

I lived an unreal past

that was part of the soul

I thought loved me


I sailed on the river of your lies,

of everything that you said you felt


I made up a mirage of tender caresses

where you were the delight of all my senses


Among thorns of silence I landed;

tears blinded me and without pause

and swiftly my way became ashes


Without looking back I keep silent

hoping to have the right to address my laments,

I find myself lost without a vessel,

without illusion, without a lifeline

I fall into lethargy


Not everything ends with a goodbye!


You're a shadow that springs up from my past,

that urges me to seek what I never had


You are the shadow that assaults my soul,

that flares up on its own,

and though you are detached,

it invades me cruelly and pettily


You are a voracious shadow

that impairs my sanity and my motives


Now I understand that it’s impossible to forget you,

one minute could change my world

and not enclose this fire that burns me


Did you forget that I was once your woman

that I sailed between your back and your chest

immersed in the darkness of my room?


And it is in this hell, of useless chimera,

where my lamentations are felt.

©Noris Roberts




sad poem

◄ God has come to love me this morning



<Deleted User> (6895)

Sat 28th Feb 2015 19:28

This poem Noris is as lovely as it is to see you back on again.Beautiful beautiful piece! Do keep writing! Best wishes to you.

Patricia and Stefan.xx

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