By chance...

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By chance I found you

without realizing it,

when lost in those days of madness and fear


Your presence invades the center of my thoughts;

my eyes turn towards you and stay fixed,

as if I’d had been waiting for you in silence


A clear and simple feeling overwhelms me...

I do not know you; I have not seen you

but feel a growing desire as I approach

every tenth of your body


Contemplating you gives me the sparkle of the sun

with its beautiful nuance;

sketches that draw up illusions and fantasies

unfailing and ephemeral


Trees become leafless without being autumn,

and once again I conceive a thousand dreams;

breaking into the breach of a kiss and facing reality

I can’t do other than blink until quenching the dew

and pick up the thousand hours where I write


I found you by chance,

before the horizon could look at you;

you remain silent, the distance increases,

the thirst, the sky, the hardships, the mystery


Be silent if you wish to, but do not turn away,

because as a fact I do not know you,

but you're everything and nothing ,

enough to burn your face, as a mellow drizzle,

on my soul


And you gave me afternoon moons to my torments,

and I truly don’t know you;

because you're not a memory and much less an oversight,

but maybe freely and unconsciously

I blindly moved down the stairs of your heart,

as a fugitive of sadness


© Noris Roberts

love poem

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