I write because...

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I write to return to sanity,

to give respite to my bitterness,

to avoid falling into the void,

to feel that I'm alive


To calm my overwhelmed reproaches,

to the muffled word that grinds my insomnia

until I’m diluted in the wind


To speed up the torrent that my body needs,

that germinates flowery fragments within

and not move on through uncertain paths


I write to empty my feelings,

to free myself of weariness,

to find imaginary peace generated in my thoughts,

provoking me to feel and not bear

the pain and suffering any longer


I write because my soul fills with doubt

and there’s no time to turn back...

my hopes are torn apart, my wings broken;

it’s so hard for me to keep quiet,

to look at the mirror and remove this coldness

and shattered sadness


It is not gratifying to write in this prison that devours my shadow...

however, I get up, look at the sky,

telling myself that the opposite of fear is not courage

but the faith in what we do and how we do it,

even if we have to deal with distress, falsehood and dishonesty


This is not a complain, it is a majestic persuasion of hurt feelings;

each clause, each interlude fails to bury, within its gallant rebellions,

the footprint of an illustrious figure of regret,

due to the weakness of character,

of the rudeness of an awkward injustice,

of misdeeds perpetrated by the violators of words


I love truth and will never desist to find it

and although I do observe my mistakes at every step

the falsity of the others in my life

fill me with despair


Why, if I gave it all without much thought and without hesitation,

today I find myself suspended in space

just as my tears?


I write to be the awakening of autumn that pleads for resurrection

and in the eyes of others be an exhumed memory,

a seed in the furrow of some lips,

an acclaimed love where there are no mysteries

only the crystalline lines that my verses exhibit


I rise before you

©Noris Roberts






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Noris Roberts

Wed 14th Jan 2015 23:10

That you for reading my poem. I fully agree with you about the musicality and beat in poems, but the problem is that my poems are written in my native language which usually do have musicality and beat but once they're translated the rhythm changes. Can't win them all...

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Jackie Phillips

Tue 13th Jan 2015 12:49

Hi Noris - I think you have done an amazing job at summing up the need to write and though I normally prefer a musicality and beat in my poetry, the way the words flowed seemed to give the poem an extra something.

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