Following your steps...

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Following your steps I've worn out my thoughts

forgetting and remembering you, forsaking and finding you,

letting you go and desiring you

and I digress in the mountain of my thoughts


Following your steps, I’ve punished my tears;

I look at you and my eyes dilate,

you ignore me, my heart erodes

attempting to give you love’s beauty


Following your steps, I have worn out my skin

for the skin for which I went astray; anxious, frenzied

and only have left this silent rebellion of feeling vanquished


My shadow reconciled

with my decadent self, till dozing off;

the sea was insensitive to my wishes,

the sun descends my tears and thirst


Following your steps,

I’ve remained silent and condemned,

lying in the darkness as an exile

by my own will


The life I have is neither night nor day,

in season or out of season,

nor is it stillness or movement,

it only fluctuates between despair

unleashing my sadness


What am I to do? I am the author of this absurd story

or the consequence of a misinterpreted footnote


I will mend my wounds with language of hope

although sometimes feel nostalgia

and only wait the moment

that the same feeling flows into you


Now I understand why the twilight departed in haste;

I was actually looking for you, I cannot find you but remember you

and you became circle of pain shaped as the sky,

yet I want to keep loving you

even though you are an incomplete stroke

on the canvas of oblivion

©Noris Roberts




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Rose Casserley

Sun 22nd Mar 2015 21:44

in total agreement with Patricia and Stef.Beautiful! x

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Fri 20th Mar 2015 15:20

Noris,another lovely piece that proves you really are the Queen of romantic poetry!xx

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